[VSAR 316] Spiderman Logo

I think it’s my PICKY nature, but it took me a LONG TIME just to think of and find some logos that I find eye catching and hope to try and emulate. I think this blog entry is rather LATE, but hey! Better late than never!


I have to say that if I was to create a personal logo, I’d create something similar to a super hero symbol.

Take one glance at these symbols and you’ll immediately know which super hero it represent. That’s the beauty of super hero symbols. They’re so simple yet so effective that its always in your memory. We shall take a look at logos from my favorite super hero, SPIDEY!



I remember this logo most as a kid because it was used in Spider-Man comics and other merchandise. I always liked this logo mainly because of how the letters were drawn. I always liked the sharp corners and how the bottom of the letters are jagged. Also giving a slight curve to the logo just makes it look awesome.


The logo is the ones used in Sam Raimi’s Spider Man movies. The font used looks great and its very recognizable because its an original font. It’s not too curvy or round which makes sure viewers don’t think its silly. It’s original, edgy, simple, and very distinguishable.


 Here’s the font used in Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man. I don’t like it as much is because it doesn’t really shout Spider-Man to me if it was just used to spell out random words. However that doesn’t mean it’s a bad choice of font. This font style still looks edgy and cool. Also the font has this digital watch look to it since the movies deal more with technology. This font is able to make viewers distinguish it between Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies.



Just one look at that and you know it’s Spidey. Why? First off it’s the face of Spider-Man’s costume. There’s the web lines, big white eyes, and the red color. Everything that represents him is there.

Here are the spider symbols that are on Spider-Man’s chest. The design is meant to be simple and distinguishable on his costume with all those lines. The first one is very simple and is used a lot in comics, illustrations, and other media. The other two are more intricate in design to suit the tone of the movies.

Text and Image

Here’s some logos that have both text and image. These logos here keep with the Spidey theme by having the spider symbol along with using the color red. The 3rd image is actually an interesting one simply because there’s only a number for the text. There’s no need for words to indicate that this is a Spider-Man film because you already know the first part of the title. Right off the bat, the image already screams “Spider-Man” with the red, white webs, and spider symbol. The only function of the number below it shows that this is the 3rd entry in the film series.

For my own personal logo, it’s best that I take inspiration from Spider-Man’s or any super hero’s symbol to create something that’s simple, recognizable, and effective.

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